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Tutoring Overview

Is the program geared toward specific educational goals?

Our tutors work with students preparing for day-to-day assignments, final exams, achievement tests, special projects as well as homeschooled students and those who just want to expand their knowledge. Tutoring Tactics provides the right approach for a variety of educational goals.


Do You Have to Be Located in the United States?

No. Our tutors and students are from all over the world. We can plan scheduling to accommodate a variety of time zones. Because the sessions are one-to-one, differences in classroom standards and styles can be considered more easily than in formal classes. 


How is Tutoring a Better Approach Than Additional Reading Materials or Extra Classes?

Reading and extra classes can help certain help students, but neither provides the kind of individual instruction that tutoring can. A tutor can actually observe a student learning and identify areas of difficulty easier than other supplementary work.


Do the Subjects Cover Middle and High School Curriculum for Math and Science?

Tutoring Tactics offers a wide variety of subjects, including Elementary Math,

Mid-Level Math, Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Calculus BC, Statistics, Intermediate Statistics, Finite Math, Elementary Science, Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, Algebra-based, Physics, Calculus-based Physics, Anatomy Physiology.


Who Is Tutoring Tactics’ Typical Student?

Students range from those who are having difficulties in certain areas of math and science to those who are proficient and want to go to the next level. Our highly trained tutors match materials and techniques to challenge and instruct every type of student.


How Does Tutoring Tactics Match Students to Tutors?

We screen our tutors carefully, and through our training process and work with them, our company develops a deep knowledge of our tutors. Also, every student completes a questionnaire to determine students’ learning backgrounds and goals.


What is the Purpose of the Student Questionnaire?

The student questionnaire is designed to learn more about our students and to get a clear picture of their learning experiences, expectations, and objectives. Tutor experience and training can provide insight into creating the best student and tutor match.



What is the Structure of the Tutoring Sessions?

Tutoring sessions last an hour and involve the tutor and the student discussing the learning experience, covering material and feedback. Since the tutoring approach is the individualized One-to-One method, the form the sessions take may vary from student to student.


Are There Assignments?

This depends on the needs of the student. Some students need to catch up on schoolwork and enlist a tutor’s aid to help with this. Other tutors may recommend enrichment exercises that may be done between sessions.


How Do Tutors Help Me with Schoolwork and Exams?

If a student wants a tutor who will assist them with assignments for classes or can help them prepare for an exam, the student can send these materials to the tutor prior to the first session. The tutor can design a schedule to complete the course work.


Can Tutors Help Me Get Ready for Standardized Tests?

You can request a tutor who has experience specifically with preparing students for standardized tests and can work through materials, such as preparation and mock tests to get ready for the real thing.


Other Questions:


What If I Need to Cancel a Session?

It is essential that students turn up on time for a session. The tutor will wait up to ten minutes before the student is considered to be absent. In this case, the class cannot be rescheduled. If the student lets the tutor know 4 hours ahead of time that he or she can’t make it, the session can be rescheduled.


How Long Is Each Tutoring Session?

Tutoring sessions last for one hour.


Can I Get a Refund?

If the student has an excused absence and lets the tutor know 4 hours or more before the session they will not be attending, the session will be rescheduled. Tutoring Tactics does not guarantee higher test scores or grades, and money will not be refunded if there is not a marked improvement. However, there is a satisfaction guarantee for all of our tutors and if for some reason you are not satisfied with the tutor, you can get a refund for the first hour. If you have been working with the tutor on an ongoing basis, it is recommended to work out issues with the tutor or contact customer service. 


What if I Am Not Happy with My Tutor?

There is a satisfaction guarantee for all tutors. If after the first session you are not satisfied, the first hour can be refunded and you can be switched to a new tutor. If there are ongoing sessions and you feel dissatisfied with your tutor, it is suggested you work out your issues with the tutor directly or contact customer service. 


How Old Do I Need to Be to Sign Up for Tutoring?

Parents should enroll their children in Tutoring Tactics programs. Children under the age of 13 need their parent or guardian’s permission to sign up for Tutoring Tactics.


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