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Can Tutoring Meet the Challenge of Homeschool Students and Distance Learners?

on August 17, 2020

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, most people are learning what homeschooling parents have always known--it can be uniquely rewarding to educate your child. However, this reward comes with significant challenges, especially for parents who up until recent times have not been that involved with their children’s schooling and have relied mainly on teachers to fulfill this role.

Although children enrolled in regular schools that are offering distance learning may get assignments and virtual lectures from teachers, what many students are missing is one-on-one instruction. A parent is not always able to take on this responsibility either because of a lack of knowledge of the subject, a lack of teaching skills or patience, or a demanding work and parenting schedule. Therefore, tutors are increasingly being called on the fill in the gaps and provide expert instruction to children who are learning at home.

Tutor-Led Learning Pods

Learning pods have been a concept among homeschoolers for a long time, and with school closing caused by the pandemic, more parents and students are discovering the concept. Learning pods allow groups of parents to educate their children at home while they pursue work and other obligations. It also distributes the expense and effort required to educate children in a homeschooling or distance learning framework.

The idea behind a tutor-led learning pod is that parents hire tutors who work with children of several families at once. For individualized learning, the tutor can meet with each of the students and assess their abilities and styles of learning. For a tutor-led pod, it is a good idea to hire tutors from an established tutoring firm that can validate their training, ratings, and experience.

One-On-One Tutoring

Although learning pods can distribute effort and cost less than finding individualized tutors for every student, the latter approach may be more effective and provide more value for the long-term. A one-on-one tutor can get to know a student’s style of learning and develop a solid relationship. Also, the more the tutor works with a student individually, the fewer the sessions a student may need, and they may develop the knowledge and independence to work on their own when they are not meeting with their tutor. The individualized attention can make the most of a student’s time with their tutor. 

Regulations to Be Aware Of

Not only is one-on-one tutoring an ideal way of teaching students, but it may be more compliant with regulations on homeschooling set down in certain states. For instance, in many areas, parents and individual tutors are allowed to educate children at home and this falls under the rubric of homeschooling. 

However, the situation can become more complicated if there are several families involved in a learning pod with one instructor teaching several children. In some states, this can be characterized as a private school and may be subject to a host of regulations governing private schools. Also, there are zoning, employment, and even fire safety regulations that may become relevant if more than one family is sharing a tutor.

Therefore it is important to check out what the law is in specific states for several families hiring a tutor. The safest bet and perhaps the most effective choice is to hire one tutor to teach your child. The individualized attention may yield better results in the short and longer-term.

How to Choose a Tutor for Homeschooling or Distance Learning

The tutor you choose for homeschooling and distance learning should be someone you can depend on. This means that a local kid who is skilled in a certain subject and may want to earn some extra pocket money may not be the best choice as a tutor who is going to assess your child’s needs and find the best way of educating them.

Looking for a reputable tutoring firm with strong reviews and recommendations is key. The advantage of going through an agency is that tutors are screened, trained, and are experienced. They have accountability toward an agency and will be responsible and proven to be competent tutors. Tutoring Tactics, for instance, screens all of its tutors carefully and matches individual students with instructors who are right for them. 

In addition, Tutoring Tactics provides all students with a questionnaire to assess their skills and learning objectives before pairing them with a tutor. The aim is to build a long-term relationship and individualized instruction that will replicate classroom learning. Investing in expert tutors from agencies such as Tutoring Tactics will create a successful outcome for homeschooling and distance learning students.

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