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Types of Students Who Benefit from Online Tutoring

on August 17, 2020

When a student faces challenges with school work, tutoring seems like an ideal solution. Individual attention, guidance, and motivation can be rewarding for students in any situation. There are certain types of students for whom tutoring can be particularly beneficial.

  1. A Student Who Needs Help Last Minute

Many students, like adults, can practice avoidance behavior. If a project, a paper, or an upcoming test seems potentially overwhelming, the easiest thing is to put off preparation or ignore the problem until it reaches a crisis point. When the student discovers that the big test or milestone is just a week or a few days away, they may need emergency help.

It could be too late to ask a teacher for help and a parent or older sibling may not know the material well enough to assist. This is where a tutor can step in and “save the day.” However, once the student realizes the benefit of using a tutor for last-minute preparation, they may decide they could use some ongoing tutoring for the long-term. 

  1. A Student Struggling with High School Math

Some students love math, but for those who don’t, math can represent a significant struggle, particularly given the cumulative nature of the subject. Once a student falls behind, it can be difficult to catch up, especially amid lengthy homework assignments. 

A tutor can be an ideal remedy for this situation since a seasoned math tutor can pinpoint the source of the problem that the student may not see. There could be a simple misunderstanding of one mathematical principle that can be cleared up through individual instruction. A tutor can also be extremely helpful in encouraging a student to catch up on math exercises and be on the same page with the rest of the class in a short amount of time. 

  1. Student Learning English as a Second Language

Adjusting to a new language and culture can be a significant challenge, especially for an overseas student who is on their own. A tutor can assist these students as they navigate their way through the complexities of the English language. Tutoring is particularly useful because it involves individualized instruction that is useful, since the issues a native German speaker may have with English may be different than challenges an Urdu speaker may find with the language. A tutor can expedite the process of language learning to help those from overseas embark on a course or a career.

  1. College Preparation

Many high school students have college preparation on their minds, especially juniors and seniors who want to ensure they take the right college prep classes and nailing their standardized tests. Advanced classes in math and science that are typically taken by students preparing for college can be a challenge for many students, and tutoring may be necessary to handle a demanding study schedule.

In addition to helping students master college prep courses, tutors can be helpful in getting students ready to take standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT and achievement tests that may make a difference on a college application. Many students aren’t used to standardized tests, and a tutor can provide timed test exercises and feedback that can provide practice for the real thing.

  1. Homeschool Student

Whether because of principle or the outbreak of COVID-19, many parents found themselves teaching their students at home as schools were closed. Whether by choice or by circumstance, homeschooling parents can find tutors useful for providing expert knowledge on subject areas parents and students may find particularly challenging.

Also, for parents who work, tutors can help fill in the gaps when a parent may not be available to teach their children. Parents and tutors can form a team that can motivate a student and finds creative ways to present new material.

Tutoring can be immensely helpful to many kinds of students, but particularly for those in certain situations. Some students have fallen behind and need some extra help fast to deal with a deadline or an upcoming test. Others may need some help learning English or could find tackling high school math a challenge. For students who want to get accepted into the college of their choice, the help of a tutor may make a tremendous difference in grades, standardized test results, and their college application. Tutors are a significant resource for homeschooling parents and students who are learning independently. 

At Tutoring Tactics, we can improve the odds for success with proven strategies and personalized tutoring that will help your student perform to his or her potential. Unlock the abilities in your student and help them surpass expectations with expert tutors who will provide personalized instruction and motivation.

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