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5 Ways Tutoring Helps Students

on August 17, 2020

Almost every student needs a bit of help or encouragement from time to time. Teachers can provide support, but they may be overwhelmed with the sheer number of students to give individual students the attention they need when they face a challenge. Parents also assist, but students may prefer a third party who thoroughly understands the subject matter and has the time to focus on their learning process. 

Tutoring is the solution for many of the academic challenges a student may face in their years at school. Tutors can provide personal attention, insight, and experience in solving problems and helping students think critically on their own.

There have been numerous studies that have demonstrated the effectiveness of tutoring. In one study, there was a marked difference in performance between students who had been tutored and those who had not, with improvement in test scores and grades in some cases doubling and performance to be, among some students, 20 to 30% stronger than those who were not tutored.

The following are Five Benefits Tutoring provides students:

  1. Listening

When there is a class of 25 to 30 students and one teacher, even the best instructor can’t pretend that he or she is able to listen to every student individually the way he or she may need. A good tutor listens, not only when the student is directly discussing educational material, but when the student simply wants to be heard about what makes learning a challenge or at other times, easy. A good tutor pays careful attention to these conversations to develop a sense of who the student is, what appeals to them, and how they learn the best. Listening provides the information a tutor needs to help the student achieve success. 

  1. Understanding Learning Styles

Just as there are many subjects students learn in their years of schooling, there are also many styles of learning. Some students are auditory learners and are able to pick up information easily simply by hearing it. These students may be adept in the language lab, for instance, but they may have difficulty with visual learning.

 Other students comprehend facts well by reading printed material or looking at pictures, but they may not remember things well after hearing them. In addition, there are students who learn more effectively when they are engaged in physical activity. Tutors can get a sense of a student’s learning style by observing and hearing how a student describes their ideal learning process.

  1. Creating the Right Curriculum

A student may need a tutor to help them with their homework or test preparation, but a tutor can also provide a unique approach to learning the material.  Because of his or her knowledge of the student’s learning style, strengths and weaknesses, and the material and tools at hand, the tutor can tailor-make a curriculum that will be helpful to the individual student and can help students achieve results. If a student is excelling in a certain area, some material can be skipped in favor of focusing more carefully on areas that need improvement. Tutoring gives the instructor and student the flexibility to learn the material effectively. 

  1. Focusing on Special Areas

One major reason people decide that tutoring is necessary is that a student needs extra attention in specific areas of learning. This is how tutoring provides a distinct advantage over other enrichment programs, such as additional classes or a book with extra exercises. Sometimes the student themselves may not be aware of what area should be the focus or they may know but lack the motivation to do extra work if they find the work difficult. A private tutor has the experience to identify where the student needs to do more work and what kinds of tools will be the most helpful.

  1. Providing Direct Feedback

Another advantage of tutoring is that it provides accountability and feedback. A tutor can help motivate a student to face the challenge of course work the way he or she may not be able to alone. In addition, the tutor can tell a student right away how better to approach a math problem or identify a flaw in their understanding of a scientific concept.

Sometimes, a student may think he or she knows the material until the inevitable test indicates there is more work to be done. By that time, the student may already have received a mark that may bring down their overall grade. Tutoring provides instant feedback without the penalty of grades and can help a student improve in a comfortable, supportive environment. 

The advantages provided by private tutoring are a substantial benefit and outlast the immediate effects of one successful exam or paper. Tutoring Tactics gives kids the skills to learn with more confidence and provides support to make learning enjoyable in school and in real life.

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